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The ability to quickly and accurately analyse a situation or problem and take appropriate action.


Analysis is a versatile skill that factors into success rates for some crime, certain missions, and scouting. For scouting, it seems to have the effect of lowering the possibility of a negative outcome resulting in hospital time.

Trainable? Training Limit
No -
Autoinjectors That Improve This Skill?
AutoinjectorSkill GainSourceCostSell Price
M79W-20 200 BM þ2400 þ611
M79W-40 400 BM þ5100 þ1275
M79W-80 800 BM þ7800 þ1950
What Jobs Contribute To This Skill?
Job Skill Gain
Health Services Agent 4
Firefighter Captain 4
Commerce Inspector 3
Firechief 3
Hospital Reception 3
Safety Inspector 3
Assistant Medical Technician 2
Bank Asst. Manager 2
Bank Supervisor 2
Factory Senior Foreman 2
Hospital Maintenance 2
Senior Medical Technician 2
Factory Junior Foreman 1
Firefighter Lieutenant 1
Junior Medical Technician 1
Sanitation Leader 1
What Jobs Need This Skill?
Job Skill Level Required
-  ?
What Courses Contribute To This Skill?
Course Skill GainLimit
Advanced Analysis 600 6000
Basic Analysis 150 2000
Intermediate Analysis 400 3400
What Courses Need This Skill?
Course Skill Level Required
Advanced Fabrication 1200
Advanced Security 600
Intermediate Fabrication 800
Expert Adaptability 4000
What Missions Contribute To This Skill?
Mission Skill Gain
-  ?
What Missions Need This Skill?
Mission Skill Level Required
Package Delivery 40.00
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