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Currently, there are only two types of food on Phiela: colony supplied EnBars and fabricated concoctions made from Rootfruit or Tandra Moss. Various Food items can be eaten to restore your Stamina and in some cases a bit of Health too.

Medical items also restore Health and Stamina, Regeneration items restore Stamina and improve the speed of Stamina recovery.

Name WeightHealthStaminaHosp TimeSourceCostSell PricePMU/Stam
EnBar - Basic 0.10kg 0 20 0 PX/Sco/Mis þ100 þ25 4
EnBar - Enriched 0.12kg 5 50 0 PX/Sco/Mis þ250 þ62 5
EnBar - Fortified 0.14kg 10 100 0 PX/Sco/Mis þ500 þ125 5
Mossjuice 0.32kg 12 22 0 Fab/Spar þ240 þ40 10.91
Rootjuice 0.50kg 0 12 0 Fab þ96 þ16 8
Silvermoss 0.02kg 24 46 0 Fab þ704 þ80 15.4
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