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Welcome To The Final Escape Wiki Pages

There is quite a lot of content still to add and new items are being added to the game which need adding as they are released.

Although this site is the Wiki for Final Escape, it is populated and maintained by the game's players rather than it's developers. This gives the players the opportunity to discover elements of the game themselves and to share them with rest of the playerbase.

Be aware that this does introduce the albeit small chance that there may be discrepancies between ingame data and the Wiki data, so if you find an anomaly between the two, please feel free to correct the Wiki or flag it for correction on the forum.

Contributing To The Site

For many people the joy of learning a new game is sharing their finds and experiences, therefore all players are encouraged to share information or embelish or improve existing information on this site.

The MediaWiki format is fairly easy to use and a user with reasonable computing skills should be able to pick it up quite easily. If you do make a mistake and think you have broken something it is often easily fixed and changes to the site are regularly 'patrolled' to check for accuracy and compliance. Tips and guidance for contributions can be found here. Feel free to contact Seven via the game forum if you need help.

If you wish to contribute to the Wiki but don't feel confident enough to make the changes yourself, please post the details on the Wiki Forum and it will be added by another user.

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